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Compare fields using the CBool() function

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This article is from the book "Access 2007 Pure SQL

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The CBool() function

Compare customer first and last name values


The cbool() function will return a true or false value.  To demonstrate its usefulness, let us assume that a coworker comes to our office and says that something is wrong with the mailing labels they are producing.  On certain occasions, the last and first name fields print the same.  Obviously, someone typed in the same value as both first and last name in the database.  We can use the cbool() function to find the records for which this occurs. 


SELECT CustomerID, cbool([lastname]=[firstname]) As TrueFalse

FROM customers



Whenever you see 0 in Access 2007, this means the result is false, or, in other words, the last and first names have different values since you checked for equality.  If you see -1, the result is true, which means that the first and last names have identical values.  As you scroll through the records, you will notice that you get a -1 for customerid = 19 and an error for 106.

This is cause for investigation.  For record 19, last and first names are the same, while for record 106, the first name value is missing!  Consequently, with one function, we found two errors that would mess up our coworker’s job.  Now, we can correct them and send him on his way to produce correct mailing labels.