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Create a query with three parameter fields, one of them an expression

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This article is from the book "Access 2007 Pure SQL

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Creating a query with three parameter fields, one of them an expression

Retrieve order information using state, city, and ordertotal as parameters


In this example, we use three parameters for the State, City, and TotalOrder fields.  Notice the third parameter ">[Enter Amount Bigger Than:]" for the TotalOrder field.  Here, we use the ">" greater than inequality predicate to retrieve orders from NY and New York City, which are bigger than $200 in this example.  Of course, we could have used any amount for order totals to retrieve the orders we want.  Equality and inequality predicates allow amazing flexibility in parameter queries.   


SELECT OrderID, OrderDate, City, State

FROM Qry_Parameters_Base

WHERE ((((State)=[Enter State:]) AND (City)=[Enter City:]) AND (totalorder)>[Enter Amount Bigger Than:])